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From: The Omaha Weekly Reader

For The Love of Lincoln Music

By Josh Bashara
April 1st, 2004

Some call it the Lincoln equivalent to the online community of SLAM Omaha. Others say it's the best thing to happen to the Lincoln music scene in years. For webmaster Tery Daly, is just he love-child that spawned from his deep-seated adoration for Lincoln music.

"Lincoln is so full of great bands and songwriters that nobody knows about outside of Lincoln, or a lot of people in Lincoln for that matter," Daly told The Reader via e-mail. "I suppose that's true of most towns, but I wanted to do something about it in my town. I wanted to provide a place where I could promote the music scene and give bands a place to promote themselves. I wanted to provide a forum for people to hear the music and learn about what's going on here."

A musician himself, Daly has been living in Lincoln since 1990 when he moved from New York. "I love everything about music - listening to it, writing it playing it, recording it, talking about it," he said. "I'm out to see bands play two or three nights a week every week, so it was kind of a natural for me to do"

Almost fully funded from Daly's pocket, the web site serves as an interactive and informative community for the burgeoning Lincoln music scene. When it comes to covering local music, leads the pack by hosting a thorough show calendar, local music news, reviews, message boards, chat venues, musician classifieds, and a bunch of other goodies sure to satiate hungry music fans.

One of the newer additions to the site is streaming radio that broadcasts nothing but Lincoln music. Daly said that while it's a great way for die-hard fans to listen to the music they already love, it also serves as an introduction to the local music scene to newbies. "One of the reasons people might not come to see live music is because they don't know what the bands sound like," Daly said. "I mean I know it's only $3-$5 to get in a bar to see a band, but I think people are reluctant to make event that small of an investment not knowing what they're going to get."

"The radio stream gives people who are curious the opportunity to check out what the bands sound like and decide what they like and don't like. It's also great for people from Omaha so they can check out bands online and then take a trip down to see them."

The radio brodcasts all the current bands, but also plays music from older bands like 13 Nightmares, Mercy Rule, The Millions, Crap Detectors, The Black Dahlias, Plastik Trumpet, and The Sisies.

This month, celebrates it's first birthday by launching some new additions to the website. Besides an upgraded version of the streaming radio, will now host an online "Encyclopedia of Lincoln Rock Bands" that will feature information about hundreds of Lincoln bands from the 1950's to today.

The site will also host the "Lincoln Rock Show Poster/Flyer Exhibit", an online gallery of concert posters and flyers from the last 20 years on live music in Lincoln. "Many of them I just collected over the years. I have friends who make show posters for their bands, their friends' bands, or for the venues, and I just started keeping them." Daly said, explaining how he was able to compile material for the exhibit.

"When I decided to actually do this as an event, I put out a call to the bands to send me all the posters and flyers the made, and any old ones they had. Then my friend Thomas Irvin told me he had a ton of old stuff from the '80's and '90's, so most of the old posters for Mercy Rule, The Millions. Opium Taylor, Power Of The Spoken Word, and Baby Hotline and such are all from him, for which I am extremely grateful. I spent so long sitting at my computer scanning posters that my back ached for weeks after."

To add a little icing on the cake, Daly is throwing the Anniversary Blowout on April 4th at Duffy's Tavern in Lincoln. The 21 and over show is $4 and features Lincoln favorites The Bad Sects, Rent Money Big, and Tangelo.

Daly admitted that while membership to the website has grown steadily over the last year, there are still a few things he'd like to add to the mix, including a TV show featuring live music and interviews, slated to launch on Licnoln's public access channel this summer.

Above all, Daly just wants to share the music he loves so much. "Go to the site site, listen to the bands, find the ones you like, and go see them when they play," he said. "Take a chance sometimes and go see bands you know nothing about. Support your local rock stars".