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From: The Lincoln Journal Star

Scenefest returns

L. Kent Wolgamott
April 22, 2005

I've never seen Dave Heineman hanging out at Duffy's Tavern, the Zoo Bar, Knickerbockers or any other Lincoln music venue. But the governor throwing his support behind local music can only be a good thing.

That's the thinking of Tery Daly, founder and publisher of and the organizer of this weekend's Scenefest 3, a showcase of 20 local bands at two O Street clubs tonight and Saturday.

"I'm hoping the governor's proclamation of Local Music Awareness Week will make a difference in getting a few more people out," Daly said. "Since we started Scenefest (in 2003), the scene's gotten a little better. It's been a little more cohesive, and there are definitely more people out to shows on a regular basis. It's the people who aren't predisposed to local music that I'm trying to get now."

That effort includes the ceremonial proclamation from Heineman and some television advertising for this weekend's shows, along with the usual promotion on the Web site, at local music venues and, obviously, through news outlets, including this column.

I've attended the past Scenefests and found them to be good to great shows one of last year's nights, with Charlie Burton and the Dorothy Lynch Mob, Ideal Cleaners and the Mezcal Brothers, made my best of 2004 list. It's also an admirable effort on the part of Daly, the clubs and the band members to try to build support for local music.

Lincoln long has had a strong local music scene, particularly for a city its size. But putting the emphasis on hometown talent is always a good thing. So is supporting those musicians by turning up at shows.

Daly has made one major change for Scenefest 3. He's dropped one night of shows but added a second venue.

"In the first two years, the first two nights were packed and the third night totally dropped off," Daly said. "I figured everybody spent their money and their energy the first two nights. So this year, we're just doing two nights. But we're doing it in two places. Hopefully, we'll get as many people or more on the two nights this year."

This year's Scenefest will take place at Duffy's Tavern, 1412 O St., and Bodega's Alley, 1418 O St. The nightly admission price of $8 will get you into both venues all night long. The starting times of the bands are staggered so it is possible to see at least 15 minutes of every band's half-hour set each night.

As has been the case in the past, the bands selected for Scenefest are a varied lot "I like to try and have as diverse a sampling of music as I can have depending on who's available," Daly said.

For example, he said, he'd asked Mr. 1986 to play last year's Scenefest. That didn't happen, but they're on the bill this year. This year, he asked Forty Twenty, the local country band, to be part of the festival. But it was already booked for the weekend. So Daly's hoping the band will be available next year.