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From: The Lincoln Journal Star

Making the Scenefest

June 11, 2004

Follow the music to find Tery Daly.

On Wednesday or Sunday, it's Duffy's Tavern, maybe a Friday show at Knickerbockers or a stop at Duggan's if time allows.

Between practices with his band Suzy Dreamer and Her Nightmares, the local musician fills his schedule with writing reviews and doing interviews for his Web site Daly will spend this weekend at Duffy's Tavern, 1412 O St., for Scenefest 2, which features 18 local bands over three nights starting tonight at 8:15.

Daly started the Web site in April 2003 to expose local bands to a wider audience in Lincoln and beyond. The three-day festival, he said, was the best way to give fans a taste of local music.

"Lincoln has so many bands playing original music, and it's not like they're mediocre bands," said Daly, organizer of Scenefest. "They're as good or better than anything you'll hear on the radio."

Scenefest 2 is the local music event of the year in Lincoln. Each band gets the stage for half an hour in what becomes a rapid-fire sampling of ages and styles.

Tonight will feature the country- tinged rock of Charlie Burton and the rockabilly sound of the Mezcal Brothers.

Saturday night has Papers opening at 8:15 followed by the alt-country sound of 13 County and the psychedelic sounds of Suzy Dreamer and Her Nightmares.

The show concludes Sunday at midnight with the mellow sound of ambient rock group Marianas.

Daly had no trouble securing acts after the success of last year's inaugural event. The same array of styles and the price - $15 for all three days - will give people a reason to show up.

"All three nights are very different and have a distinct flavor," Daly said. "I wanted to present a very good selection of bands." More than a year after launching the Web site, Daly said local bands are getting more attention, but he still sees many of the same faces at shows.

Through reviews and interviews on the Web site, Daly does his best to support live music. Many people don't realize the quality of the bands performing in Lincoln, he said.

"There are so many excellent bands in town. I suppose I'm somewhat driven to promote the music in town. It definitely deserves more attention than it gets."

The three-day event also brings together bands that wouldn't normally interact.

"It forces all these bands together and makes us talk to one another," said Ideal Cleaners bassist Mike Keeling. "He's the only guy putting things together like this."

Daly's foray into large, local concert events with totally local talent is a relatively new venture for organizers in Lincoln. Several annual battle-of-the-bands competitions sprouted up in Lincoln but quickly fizzled out.

Daly is already talking about Scenefest 3 but is looking forward to a long weekend of music at Duffy's.

"If people take this opportunity where they can see a lot of bands, for a little bit of money, they'll find something they like," Daly said.