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From: The Lilncoln Journal Star

Scenefest Follow Up

By L. Kent Wolgamott
June 28th, 2004

By all reports, Scenefest 2, held last weekend at Duffy's Tavern, was a great success. I was there Friday, and the bar was packed for Charlie Burton & the Dorothy Lynch Mob, Ideal Cleaners and The Mezcal Brothers - all of whom played great, well-received sets.

Saturday night, I was in Springfield with the Mezcals, but Kristen Bailey of Suzy Dreamer and Her Nightmares, who performed that night, said there was another large, responsive crowd, and the Star City Scene Web site says that, even with the stormy weather, this year's Saturday attendance was higher than last year's.

By Sunday night, I was too shot to go out - getting home at 2 a.m. and then walking 18 holes of golf at 8 a.m. will do that. However, Mezcals vocalist Gerardo Meza made it to Sunday's show and said the crowd was the smallest of the weekend but still good.

In featuring 18 bands, Scenefest 2 had admirable intentions - allowing the depth and breadth of the Lincoln original music to be seen in one place. But the fact that the shows had such good attendance is an even more impressive sign of a thriving local scene.