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From: The Daily Nebraskan

Scenefest 2 celebrates local music, bands

By Jeremy Buckley
June 07, 2004

Get ready for round two of the Lincoln music scene’s all-stars. Scenefest 2 is just around the corner.

The second installment of the festival – the initial Scenfest was last August – will once again feature 18 Lincoln bands over a three night weekend, Friday through Sunday, at Duffy’s Tavern, 1412 O St.

“Scenefest is a way for people to come out and get a really good sampling of the diversity of musical styles available to them and what a great and thriving music scene Lincoln has,” said Tery Daly, the organizer of Scenefest.

In fact, the lineup boasts genres of music as wide ranging as bluegrass (the Amalgamators) and alt-country (13 County) to art punk (Bears Eat Fish) and ambient rock (Marianas).

“It’s a compliment to the diversity of music that Lincoln has to offer,” said Andy Fairbairn, the entertainment director at Duffy’s.

Daly said he didn’t do too much to change the formula of the festival from last year’s idea.

“I wanted to do it the same way; the only difference is I promoted it more this year,” Daly said.

Most of the bands involved this year have been around the block, considering the usual life spans of bands. Only five of the bands are newly formed since last year’s event and only three bands will be returning from last year, Daly’s band Suzy Dreamer and Her Nightmares, The Bad Sects and Ideal Cleaners.

Each night’s music will begin at 8, with each band getting 30 minutes to put their talents on display.

Daly said he worked on the actual lineup to give each night a distinct personality.

“Friday’s lineup is going to be very different from Saturday’s and the same with Sunday,” he said.

For instance, Sunday’s schedule includes performances from the heavier sounding Westside Proletariat and Thunderstandable before an evening ending chill out session with Marianas.

“It will an interesting set for Marianas to see how we play after all that energy,” said Ryan Dee, who does vocals, guitar and keyboard for Marianas.

Advance tickets for Scenefest 2 can be purchased ahead of time at Duffy’s or Dropbay Records, 1601 P St. The cost is $15 for all three days or for $6 each night of the event. For more information log onto