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From: The Daily Nebraskan

Month marks myriad of activity for local music scene

By Jeremy Buckley
Apr 1, 2005

Today marks the second anniversary of and this month will be a big one for the local music scene.

The Web site, run by local music fan and band member Tery Daly and which focuses on promoting local music, has been a focal point for the local music community to converse and a way to get to know the bands of Lincoln.

“There are more bands, venues and fans than I can remember Lincoln ever having before,” said Malcom Miles of the local band Marianas and a vocal advocate of supporting local music.

During the month of April, Star City Scene will be promoting several events that will help bring exposure to local music.

Tonight, Knickerbockers, 901 O St., will host an anniversary party featuring Strawberry Burns, The Master 8000 and Eagle.Seagull.

The entire month, Web surfers will be able to access the Lincoln Rock Show Poster/Flyer Online Exhibit. The exhibit will feature hundreds if not thousands of concert posters that have advertised Lincoln concerts over the years. Many of the posters also will be featured at an exhibit at the new Tugboat Gallery, 1028 O St.

April 17-23 has been coined “Local Music Awareness Week” by Gov. Dave Heineman.

The week coincides with Scenefest 3, a two-day event held at Duffy’s Tavern, 1412 O St. and Bodega’s Alley, 1418 O St. featuring 20 local bands.

“The involvement of the governor makes (Scenefest 3) a high-profile event and reminds people that the music created by Lincoln songwriters and bands is a great addition to the culture of our city,” Daly said.

Across the board, local band members and music fans think the exposure of the local music scene is at a high point. But the sentiment has been echoed that there still is progress to be made.

“It’s vital to find a way around the split between over 21 and under 21 shows,” Miles said. “When I think about cities that have a vital local scene, there are always all ages clubs that also cater to an adult audience.”

Ryan Dee, Miles’ band mate in Marianas, issued some of the same sentiments about local laws.

“Elected officials could do better by actually making city laws and ordinances more conducive to local music and the venues that sponsor it,” Dee said.

In any case, local music enthusiasts seem to be doing their part in trying to increase the awareness of the local music scene.

“Star City Scene has created a better connected community and made it way easier for people to talk to each other,” said Drew Rudebusch of Rent Money Big. “I know for a fact that it’s introduced some strangers to local music.”

At the same time, Rudebusch has doubts about how far the local scene can go.

“Most people still don’t care,” he said. “Most people only respond to hype, so until everyone’s wondering who’s going to be the next big thing out of Lincoln most people will just go to (Buffalo Wild Wings) or Brother’s, get drunk and chase tail all weekend.”

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