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From: The Daily Nebraskan

Local bands draw large crowds throughout the week

By Jeremy Buckley
Jan 18, 2005

Powerless VI / 1.12.05 / Duffy’s Tavern

While this was fixing to be Powerless No. 6 in the series, it was Powerless No. 2 for me (the other featuring Marianas, Shyaway and Shacker).

I had high expectations after the first show I witnessed because Marianas did a lot of variation with its sound, and the audience vibe reflected that ingenuity.

More of the same was to be expected this time around. The Golden Age has the indie-mentality of switching between a multitude of instruments during a set. Wednesday proved to be no different.

The first few songs featured the entire lineup. Then singer Rob Hawkins performed a few songs sans band, but he brought out some special guests whom he introduced as his neighbor and his co-worker. I believe one was from Eagle Seagull.

Those two chaps were proficient enough at the harmonica and the slide guitar to keep the crowd of about 80 feeling all right.

The Golden Age finished off as a group and one member played a harmonium. It looks like a piano except you had to crank the machine, similar to an accordion.

The second half of the show gave Strawberry Burns a chance to show its stuff.

I hadn’t seen the three-piece group before and didn’t know what to expect. They played straight-up pop songs that a bar crowd could get behind. The vocals were a little rough for me, and the timing seemed off on a few of the numbers.

But the band was having fun, and the crowd was appreciative, so at least enough support was there to influence the bands to keep on keeping on.

The only drawback was wondering if the bands sounded a little unpracticed because they were, or just because the songs were drastically different.