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From: The Daily Nebraskan

Star City Scene parties on first anniversary

By Jeremy Buckley
April 02, 2004

Many people inside and outside of Lincoln don't know anything about the bands that hail from the Star City.

Tery Daly has made it his mission to change that.

Daly, creator and Webmaster of, is celebrating the Web site's first year of existence with an assortment of events that recognize the history of music in Lincoln.

Star City Scene was originally envisioned to fill a gap for local music fans who wanted to know more about what was going on with the music scene in Lincoln, similar to Slam Omaha in Omaha.

"Everything has gone really well, and traffic has increased steadily every month since its launch," Daly said.

In conjunction with the one-year anniversary, Star City Scene is hosting an online exhibition that features a collection of hundreds of local rock posters and fliers spanning the last 20 years, some with elaborate artwork, others scribbled on pieces of paper. The exhibit will be available for viewing until May 1.

A permanent edition to the Web site is an encyclopedia of Lincoln bands spanning back to the 1950s. Currently there are more than 300 bands listed, with more to be posted in the near future.

The Web site has a radio station with a couple hours of music from a multitude of local bands, new and old. Daly is planning to upgrade the radio station to Star City Scene Radio Version 2.0 in the near future. The station then will be able to stream 15 to 20 hours of local music.

To boot, the Web site has a message board, band contact information and a thorough calendar of most every local show that takes place in Lincoln.

"It's great how up-to-date and inclusive the Web site is; anyone can become involved if they want to," said Andy Fairbairn, entertainment director for Duffy's Tavern.

On Sunday, Duffy's Tavern, 1412 O St., will host the Star City Scene's Anniversary Blowout Party. Rent Money Big, Tangelo and The Bad Sects will perform at the event, which starts at 9:30 p.m.

The transition from music lover to consummate Lincolnite was a long process for Daly. After growing up in New York, he spent some time in Kansas before moving to Lincoln for work.

For a period of time he created music on his own and sent tapes to his out-of-town friends so they could practice their parts before the group met in whatever town to play a gig.

Once Daly met some of Lincoln's music fans, he became immersed in the scene and became involved with making music with other local musicians. Daly is currently a member of Suzy Dreamer & Her Nightmares.

He wanted to work with a group of other people to bring the Web site idea to fruition, but found it hard to motivate the group.

"The thing about Tery is he's not sitting around waiting for people to do cool things, he's making it happen," Fairbairn said.

The Web site has proven popular with local band members who are looking for shows to play or for other people to jam with.

"I've gotten to know people through the Web site that I probably wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise," said Kristen Bailey, lead singer and guitarist for Suzy Dreamer.

With Star City Scene, Daly hopes to bring the music communities of Lincoln and Omaha closer together.

"We will be working with Slam Omaha on a series of shows where two bands from each town will play a show in one city and then the other," Daly said.

Other projects include a tentative Star City Scene TV show that will feature local bands playing and being interviewed; future Scenefest festivals, a weekend-long local music showcase; and the continuation of the Powerless series, similar to MTV Unplugged