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From: The Daily Nebraskan

Powerless III should electrify fans with 'Unplugged' energy

By Jeremy Buckley
Feb 25, 2003

No one needs to blame Ohio. There's no need to store the food in an ice chest so it doesn't rot.

And because the word powerless might be muttered, there's no need to worry about random looting because the lights will still be on.

Shacker, ShyAway and Marianas will perform stripped-down acoustic sets of original material at Duffy's, 1412 O St., tonight at 9:30.

"The idea is great for bands who aren't used to the setting, like us," said Aaron Coleman, a member of Marianas.

Coleman usually tends to the keyboards and a laptop during a Marianas set, but tonight he'll switch to an accordian to get the sounds he desires.

Tery Daly, who promotes local shows through, said he tried to bill bands who will have to recreate their sound in order to fit into the Powerless format.

"Marianas' music depends in part on computer programming and guitar effects for their dense sound. They're a good example of a band having to recreate their music from the way they usually play it," Daly said.

Tim McCarty, vocalist and guitarist for ShyAway, said his band prefers live performances to recording in the studio, and that the toned-down feel of Powerless III will be a nice change of pace.

"We're not used to playing acoustic shows, we've switched the piano sound from the keyboards and the drummer is going to switch to brush sticks," McCarty said.

The acoustic format allows the music to come across in a more intimate format, something that can be a plus for a band who has its act together, or a minus for a band who covers up mistakes with feedback and amplifiers.

"It's more of a singer-songwriter style of performance. It's easy to tell if a band is good or not and it shows up because there's no chance for tricks," said Andy Fairbairn, music coordinator at Duffy's.

Mr. 1986 originally was slated to be on the bill but asked to be replaced because of time constraints in preparation for the show.

The first two Powerless performances included one of the last performances from a local fan favorite, Crush the Clown, and a show featuring bands that were all fronted by females.

Daly intends to keep the Powerless series going into 2005, and hopes to invite some of the more hard-core bands to participate.

"Some bands aren't sure their sound will translate well because it relies on the heaviness. Certainly, it would be a big challenge but that's kind of the point," Daly said.

Another plus is a clearer understanding of the lyrics as opposed to trying to decipher the words over a wall of electric noise.

Powerless III is open to music fans 21 and over and tickets are $3