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From: The Daily Nebraskan

Tangelo, Crush the Clown begin acoustic Powerless series

By John Wenz
Oct 29, 2003

Tangelo and Crush the Clown will be playing at Duffy's Tavern tonight.

One shouldn't go expecting loud guitars and ear-ringing rock 'n' roll.

For if you go, you'll end up getting something a bit more ... quiet.

That's because the band's respective sets are the first installment of Powerless, a bi-monthly acoustic concert series sponsored by Star City Scene,

Tery Daly, the man behind both Star City Scene and Powerless, said the idea was to take more "rocking" local bands and put them in an acoustic setting.

"Well, obviously, MTV had the idea with 'Unplugged.' I'm just borrowing on that theme," Daly said.

Patrick Bradley, guitarist and lead vocalist in Tangelo, said Daly had approached him about the show.

"It sounded like it would be fun, so we went ahead and signed on," Bradley said.

But once Bradley and his band, which includes Pawl Tisdale on drums and Eric Sebby on bass, signed on to the show, he said he knew he would have to change some things for the show.

This included a need to rework the songs for the acoustic setting.

"At our previous volume the strings on my acoustic guitar would rattle and feedback," he said.

But despite a lowered volume, Bradley said the aggression of the band would stay intact.

"We realized that the way we played our songs had to be completely different," he said.

"We didn't slow any songs down. They have the same force and energy, just presented in a different way."

While Tangelo may be playing more straightforward versions of its songs, Crush the Clown altered its playing ever so slightly for the set, said Nick Westra, guitarist and vocalist for Crush the Clown.

"We had to play a lot quieter. The tempo had to come down a little bit to make it more laid-back," Westra said.

For Westra and his band mates, bassist and vocalist Jarek Olivetti and drummer and vocalist Greg Joyce, Westra said the hope was the feeling of the music stayed intact.

"They sound a little bit subdued, but hopefully it's still pretty much rock 'n' roll," Westra said.

"It's just a little bit different from your ordinary, in-your-face rock show."

For Daly, this different concert style has elicited quite a positive response from the music community.

After hearing about the show, many bands contacted Daly in hopes of playing one of the future Powerless shows.

The list of bands includes Mr. 1986, Bright Calm Blue, Strawberry Burns, The Ghost Runners, The Bad Sects and Rent Money Big, among many other local musicians.

"At this point, I've had enough bands who've requested to play that it'll be going through at least the spring of 2005," Daly said.

But for now, local music goers can enjoy the first edition of the Powerless shows.

"I guess (Crush the Clown) and Tangelo were kind of the guinea pigs of the idea," Westra said.

And even if they are mere lab rats in a local music experiment, Bradley remains excited for the show tonight.

"One of the greatest things about this show is that it has made us look at our music from a different angle," Bradley said. "It's very exciting to move from where we were."