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From: The Daily Nebraskan

Web site reveals local bands' music

Sept 16, 2003

For anyone curious about what a local band sounds like without wanting to pay a $5 cover charge just to find out ... your time has come.

Tery Daly, a member of the local band Suzy Dreamer & Her Nightmares, decided last March it was time for Lincoln to have a Web site devoted to local music.

Since its inception, has added extra features that make it a worthwhile accompaniment to the Lincoln music scene.

In addition to a calendar noting city-wide concerts, different bands are featured each month, giving local music fans a way to get to know Lincoln musicians.

Sept. 1 brought the latest addition to the fold with Star City Radio, a streaming audio Web cast that allows local music fans a way to digest a diverse mix of Lincoln music.

The playlist isn't limited to any genre, but as of now most of the bands fit into some kind of rock or alternative flavor.

Old school fans will appreciate the chance to hear Floating Opera, The Millions and Drive-by Honky while fans of newer Lincoln bands can dig the sounds of Rent Money Big, The Hornrimjobs and Marianas.

"Right now I've got more than four hours of music from over 40 bands," said Daly. "And I'm expecting new music from several other bands in the next few weeks, so that total will go even higher."

Currently, Daly runs the Web site and pays all of the expenses out of his own pocket.

He put together a music showcase of sorts in August called Scenefest. After paying the costs incurred by the show, Daly said he had enough left to finance the Web site for another year.

"I'm not making money off of the site," Daly said.

"I'd like to either sell advertising, or get a corporate sponsor to cover the costs so it's self sustaining."

Star City Radio can be beneficial for music fans who are skeptical about throwing down their hard-earned cash to see a band they have never heard before.

"I've heard from people who've gone to see a band after having heard them on SCS Radio, so its purpose is being served," Daly said.

Andy Fairbairn, booking director for Duffy's Tavern, 1412 O St., said he thought the streaming radio was a great idea.

"Tery has been working hard to do as much as possible for the Lincoln music community since he first became a part of it," Fairbairn said.

Aaron Coleman, keyboardist and backing vocalist for local band Marianas, said Star City Radio would help music fans realize how diverse local bands can be.

"I know that people outside (and inside) the city have often pigeonholed the "sound" of the town as all punk or hard rock, but listening to even 15 minutes of the SCS streaming radio is enough to realize that is not the case," Coleman said.

He added: "(Star City Radio) is an excellent place for listeners to dive in and tumble through everything from screamo to jangly pop to ambient rock."

Any local band that would like to be considered for the Web stream can e-mail Daly at

"I'm happy to check out music from all of Lincoln's original bands for inclusion," Daly said.