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From: The Daily Nebraskan

Duffy's set as 'scene' for weekend festival of local music

July 27, 2003

Everyone has a dream.

Tery Daly has a nightmare.

Or, more accurately, Daly plays guitar and keyboards in a band called Suzy Dreamer and Her Nightmares.

This technically makes Daly a nightmare.

The band, which also features Kristen "Suzy" Bailey on vocals and guitar with Nightmares Sean Moon on drums and Eric Aspengren on bass, is only one of many bands playing at Duffy's Tavern, 1412 O St., Aug. 1-3 for the first annual Scenefest.

Daly, creator of the online 'zine "Star City Scene" ( organized the event as part of his efforts to draw exposure to Lincoln musicians.

Originally planned as an outdoor event, Daly soon moved the event to Duffy's because of the possible problems inherent in an outdoor concert.

"There would have been a lot more red tape to that than I wanted to deal with," Daly said.

Cost: $15 for a 3-day pass or $6 daily
The show is 21+.

A schedule of bands is available at

So then, after the venue, came the process of lining up bands.

"One of the main things I wanted to have in mind was both older and newer bands, and a mix of styles," Daly said.

This mix of bands and styles adds up to 18 bands over those three nights, including older bands such as Floating Opera and The Return, along with newer Lincoln luminaries Rent Money Big and Caesar the Greaser.

"I had 18 spots, and 55 bands expressed interest in it, so I had no problem finding bands," Daly said.

For at least one of these bands, Scenefest will be a return to the stage.

Ironically, the "returning" band is The Return.

"The Return hasn't played a gig in a while, so it was an opportunity to play in front of some different people," said Ted Alesio, drummer for The Return.

The band, which also includes Randy Watson on guitar and Bob Dale on bass, formed in 1985. They haven't played a show since September of 2002, Alesio said.

"I think we're going to try to get out a little more often," he said.

Alesio also will be performing with Ideal Cleaners and The Skinny.

Richard Rebarber, keyboardist, composer and producer for Floating Opera, will be presenting his "band" at Scenefest, too.

The group is more a recording collective of local musicians than a band, per se. The lineup for their Aug. 3 performance will include Chris Wilson on violin and vocals, David Boye on bass, Alyssa Storey on cello, Scott Stansfields on guitar and former Mercy Rule/Drive by Honky/13 Nightmares guitarist Jon Taylor.

The group rarely plays shows, but will perform at Scenefest to help draw attention to their new album.

"We haven't performed in two years, so we're just trying to get everyone together," Rebarber said.

"I'm mostly into doing shows occasionally and making them something special."

All around, both Alesio and Rebarber are anticipating the show, not only for their own bands' performances, but for the other bands involved.

"The Scenefest is a good way to show the bands that are bubbling under the surface," Rebarber said. Alesio agreed.

He said Lincoln's music scene is thriving with a variety of local artists displaying a mix of talent.

"The main message is that there is a lot of good local bands," he said, "and a lot of bands not a lot of people know about."