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From: The Daily Nebraskan

Online 'zine offers local music information

May 05, 2003

With so many bands playing around Lincoln, one may expect a wide variety of audiences.

Tery Daly of Suzy Dreamer and the Nightmares disagrees.

"There's a lot of excellent bands, but when you go to the shows, it's the same 20 to 50 people," Daly said.

He then got the idea to create an online 'zine, called Star City Scene at dedicated to raising awareness of the Lincoln music scene.

"I'm working to promote more of the Lincoln scene to Lincoln than anywhere else," he said. "Right now, it's mostly focused on rock music, but that's because that's who I run with and the bands I know."

The web 'zine includes a calendar of events, a band directory, a venue directory, an editor's rant and CD and show reviews.

"Anyone who wants to contribute reviews of show they've been to can e-mail them to me," Daly said.

Along with the web 'zine is an active message board people may post on. Daly sees this as beneficial.

"One thing I'd like for this to be is for bands to post their shows and other things, and draw attention to that," he said.

Tim Scahill, lead singer for Rent Money Big and a member of the Star City Scene message board, sees the site as beneficial.

Scahill said after the band was the Featured Artist for the month of April, there was a slightly larger turn-out at its last concert.

"(Star City Scene) helps in communication, in getting the word out," Scahill said.

"People need to talk about what they're doing in music and in the local culture."

Daly and his band also are part of the Situation Collective, a group featuring local bands Crush the Clown, The Post-Trendies, Junior Mighty and Ideal Cleaners, along with Suzy Dreamer and the Nightmares.

This collective has similar goals in mind as that of Star City Scene.

He said the collective was working on coming out with a compilation of these bands that, if successful, would become a series featuring Lincoln bands.

"(Lincoln music) had been at a low point, but it's starting to pick up a lot," Daly said. "There's lots of new bands, and some of them are really good."