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From: The Daily Nebraskan

Scenefest 2: In the words of a local rocker

By Dan Jenkins
June 14, 2004

Editor's note: Dan Jenkins is a member of Ideal Cleaners, a local band that played at Scenefest 2, held Friday-Sunday at Duffy's Tavern. He provided the Daily Nebraskan with this personal account of Scenefest 2.

Greetings learned University of Nebraska-Lincoln students of various topics and specialties! My name is Dan Jenkins, and I play in a Lincoln band called Ideal Cleaners. As an alumnus of your glorious institution, let it be known that I'm completely trustworthy and have lots of important things to say. When asked by the Daily Nebraskan to write about this year's Scenefest, I wasn't sure I could give an unbiased opinion because my band has participated each year. But when they told me how much I'd get paid for this, how could I say no?

Let me start off by saying 18 bands in three nights are too many. But thanks to the super efficient Tery Daly, the man behind Scenefest and its birth mother Star City Scene, things run pretty smoothly. The bands shared as much equipment as possible, which forced the bands to talk to each other and helped create the illusion that we're all great friends who have picnics together in the good old summertime.

In actuality, I don't really know these people and haven't seen their bands which is the point, I think. Scenefest gives everyone, audience and band members alike, the chance to experience something new, in a really smoky environment with lots of booze. You might hear your new favorite band, or you may dislike the bands and just get really drunk. It's a win-win situation.

All this is possible because of one man: Tery Daly. Mr. Daly put countless hours into the organizing and promoting of Scenefest, as well as the constant care of He also attends more local shows than anyone I've ever known. Despite his best efforts to convince us otherwise, there is no way this guy has a job. Either way, thanks to his tireless efforts, Lincoln just enjoyed a great weekend of live music.

The most interesting aspect of Scenefest is how the bands cover all genres of music. Lincoln has a great variety of bands and it's reflected in the lineup.

On Friday we played with a rockabilly band, a bluegrass band, some garage/punk bands and some bands best just referred to as "rock." Come to think of it, Friday night was basically "Old Guys Night" at Duffy's Tavern.

Nothing wrong with that, unless Tery did it on purpose and he's trying to imply that I'm old. Sure, I have occasional problems with my joints, especially my knees, but I've had a hard life.

So another Scenefest has come and gone, and hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you missed it, fear not young friends, I'm sure Scenefest 3 is already in the planning stages. But really, if you miss it next year, you're hopeless and I don't want to talk to you ever again.

Now go buy our record. Thank you and good night.