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About Star City Scene

Your friend and humble narrator

Tery Daly, Star City Scene founder, is a transplanted New Yorker who has been living in Lincoln since 1990. Details of his Queens, NY upbringing are sketchy. Reports that he was born holding a guitar in his hand (upside down), and that his first words were "Hey Ho, Let's Go!" are widespread, but unconfirmed. Tery is currently or formerly a member of the following Lincoln bands The Master 8000 and Suzy Dreamer & Her Nightmares, and was formerly in Lincoln bands The Atomic Pigs, Creatures of Habit and The Honey Hush.

Tery was one of the founding members of A Situation, a connective of Lincoln bands working to raise the profile of the Lincoln music scene. A Situation will be releasing a compliation CD of Lincoln bands later this year.

When not working his regular 8-5 day job, playing in one of his bands, working on Star City Scene or one of it's related events, he also runs a web design/graphics firm called Astropop Productions, designing and maintaining web sites and creating show flyers for Lincoln bands and businesses.

If you're wondering what to get Tery for his birthday this year, His favorite food is Flying V, His favorite article of clothing is Flying V, his favorite color is Flying V, his favorite kind of money is $100's, and the only kind of guitar he doesn't have is a Gibson Flying V.
For your shopping convienience, Star City Scene provides you with this list:

Things to get Tery for his birthday:

  • Flying V
  • Flying V
  • Flying V
  • $100's
  • Flying V

    If you have any Flying V's to give to Tery, or alternate birthday gift suggestions, please e-mail them to: Contact Tery