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All things Lincoln:
Mookie Studios   
Presto Recording Studio
Eric Medley Music Productions
Inhouse Studios
Heart Throb Studios
EARS Studios
Star Tracker Studio
Boomchick Records
Lone Prairie Records
LCF Records
Ismist Records
Sailor Ripley Records
Suckapunch Records
Cockey Highschool Records
Tremulant Records (Formerly Fire Records)
Last Visible Dog Records
Dietze Music House
Spindle Music & Video
Homers Records
Backtrack Records
Recycled Sounds - E-mail
Lunk Radio
Haymarket Theatre
Monday Night Big Band
Orange Whip Productions
The Keyhole
Lincoln Live Music
Lincoln Nightlife
Obsessive Consumption
Astropop Studio & Web Design
Key Ring Music
Daily Nebraskan
NOBS Buttons
Midwest Lighting & Sound
Downtown Lincoln Organization
Park It Downtown
Arts Incorporated
Lincoln Picture Tour
Sheldon Museum
The Burkholder Project
University Place Art Center
Ross Film Theatre
Lincoln City Libraries
Douglas Theatres
Heresy on KRNU
Other Music on KZUM
Lincoln Nebraska Hardcore
Master Track Productions
Music Go Round
Joyo Theatre
Lincoln Living
Jim Reese
Polley Music Library General Links
Polley Music Library Lincoln Links
The Mill
Crescent Moon Coffee House
The Coffee House
The Solid Ground Coffee House
Star City Webcam
Laser Rock
Nebraska Digital
Free Lincoln  

Lincoln Radio Stations:
95 Rock
The Eagle
The Blaze

All things Nebraska:
Someday Never
Omaha Nightlife
Crucial Village
Omaha Pulp
The Reader
Medium Magazine
The Magnificent Bastard
Omaha City Weekly
Divine Nation
Omaha Songwriters
Three Dog Studio
Basslines Studio
Upper Room Studios
Every Wednesday Studios
Infinite Productions/Mainframe Studio
1% Productions
No Pride Records
Ant Records
Sunday Best Records
Saddle Creek Records
LandPhil Records
Total Music
Bandwidth Zero
Sokol Underground
Ranch Bowl
The 49'er
Night Moves
Rediscover Omaha
RNS Skatepark
Empire Productions

All things Other:
Flying Debris
Pixel Decor
Jack Jackson's Dirty Pictures

Band Resources:
Ink Brigade T-Shirts
Media Services   ask for Zac Lorenzen!
Midwest Bands
MUEN Midwest Universe Entertainment News
Local Music Direct
Midwest Live Music
Big Meteor
The Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
Button Babyz
NOBS Buttons
Sticker Junkie
Sticker Guy
Contagious Graphics - cheap T's, stickers, cd covers, posters, etc.
Temporary Pain Promo
Short Run Music - inexpensive CD manufacturing
Dollar CD
Just For
Homemade Music Resource Links/Board
Indie-Pro Resources
Musicians Friend
Disc Makers
Taxi Independent A&R Vehicle
Band Resource Links
Extreme Zone
The Playground Resources
Cafe Press
Protect Your Music
Local Music Directory

Other Midwest Local Scene sites:
Local Music 2
Joe Is A Punk - Iowa
Rock Kansas
The Zone - Kansas City
Denver Local Music Scene
Lawrence KS
Milwaukee Rocks
NW Wisconsin Scene
Indianapolis Music
Chicago Music Scene
CoMoMusicRocks - Columbia, MO
St. Louis Music
Joe Town Rock
Twin Cities Music
Detroit Music
Dallas/Fort Worth Scene
Tulsa Oklahoma Music scene
Norman Oklahoma Scene
Evansville Indiana Scene
Ft. Wayne Indiana Scene
Cleveland Scene
Columbus Ohio Scene
Cincinnati Ohio Scene
Midwest Bands