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Apr 2006 - Forever Tragic

Forever Tragic

You may know them as "The band formerly known as A Summer Romance", but under their new moniker, Forever Tragic, this hardcore act promises high energy, crazy stunts, and something new.

SCS: How and when did Forever Tragic form as a band?

Justin:In about July of 2004 we were all just getting together to kinda just jam. not really intending on starting anything serious.

SCS: How would you define your band or your sound to someone whoís never seen you

Justin: Well its not like anything you've really of heard of to this day. but if your looking for references. id say we have sounds that vary from Underoath to As I Lay Dying to even Senses Fail. Its...I guess you would say its a melodic hardcore.

SCS: How would you describe a Forever Tragic show? -- If people come to see you live, what can they expect?

Justin: Probably one of the best shows they are going to se ein lincoln. Lots of Crazy Stunts... pretty much just an amazingly high energy show. I mean every band says that but when you see us live you will se why we say that. We promise a good show everytime you see us. And always adding something new.

SCS: What do you think separates FT from other rock acts on the local scene right now?

Justin: Well we are doing alot of different things with our music than most other bands in Lincoln. Varying from the different visuals we do on stage to the actual sound were putting out. Also we're sick of everybody asociating hardcore with death and violence when it doesnt have to be. We are trying to change that.

SCS: What types of music and which musicians/groups influenced the band members?

Justin: Senses Fail, From First To Last, Underoath, The Startig Line, The Academy Is, Silverstein, Kids In The Way, Haste The Day, ECT.

SCS: What are your goals for this band, touring, just playing around town?

Justin:We want nothing more to tour around the world sharing our creaitons with other people. We'd love to produce a major label quality cd on our own, and just change everyones idea of hardcore when they hear our music

SCS: What experience did you have in bands before Forever Tragic started?

Justin: Pretty much just a bunch of really really bad bands. Just pretend they never existed PLEASE...

SCS: How have you grown, musically and creatively, since the band first started?

Justin We have all become more open minded and more creative over the years. We have all learned how to work off of each members vibe during both shows and practice. Most of all we have learned how just a few people can create something so "fresh" for lack of a better term.

SCS: Do you have a favorite song of yours to play live?

Justin: Boy with an ant farm... For those of you who donít know that is usually the song we start our sets out with.

SCS: Are there any you donít like playing anymore?

Justin: Nope, we have dropped all of the songs we dont like.

SCS: When and where was your first local show, and how did it go?

Justin: Probably sometime back in January of 05. It acutally went really well, we had a draw of about 250+.

SCS: What was your most memorable live performance and what made it that?

Justin: Our show with Vendetta Red and SchoolYard Heroes. What made it our most memorable...Vendetta Red. They truly are amazing

SCS: What do you like and dislike about the music scene in Lincoln?

Justin: People are bitches... if their friend isnít in one of the hardcore bands that are playing, they wonít go cause they automatically donít like you. They are not willing to hear something new. The people that do come out to shows are very, very loyal and we have seen them come to just about every single show.

SCS: Have you learned anything in your experiences in a band that you feel newer local bands could learn from, or made any mistakes they should avoid?

Justin: I think just go with the flow. Donít try to move to fast. Treat the band like youíd treat a lady, with respect and commitment.

SCS: Who are some local bands or musicians that you admire or feel should be recognized?

Justin:Definately Anchondo, Cursive, Bright Eyes

SCS: Whoís your favorite local band to play with?

Justin: Honorable Mention

SCS:Do you watch reality TV?

Justin:On occasion... I mean who doesnt.

SCS: If you could snap your fingers and make 2 bands disappear, who would they be?

Justin: Green Day for sure and probably...Good Charlotte.

SCS: Are you working on a new album now, and if so, when do you expect it to come out?

Justin: We havenít started recording but we are planning on recording down at blacklodge where bands such as emery, Reggie and the full effect, jurt kobain, and many other artists have recorded. Sometime in June or July.

SCS: Was there one defining moment which led you to a life of rock and roll?

Justin: Realizing we had to get dead end jobs doing the same thing over and over again everyday.

SCS: If you could tour with any band in history, who would be your dream band to tour with?

Justin: Underoath, Senses Fail.

SCS: What was the first Album or CD you bought?

Justin: Way too long ago to remember.

SCS: Wow, I 'm way older than you and I can remember the first records I received as gifts before I ever bought my own records, and I can remember the first 45 I bought, the first album, the first CD, and If I thought about it hard enough probably the first casette too. Can you remember the most recent CD you bought?

Justin: Hawthonre Heights - If Only You Were Lonely.

SCS: What single song, in the entire history of music, do you most wish you'd written?

Justin: The After dinner Payback - From Autumn To Ashes.

SCS: Whatís the best gig you've ever seen, local or otherwise?

Justin: Blindside... hands down

SCS: What can we look forward to in the next year from the band?

Justin: A Cd release, more intense shows... and lots and lots of gratitude to those of you comming out to shows.

SCS: Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Justin: If your interested in seeing us play checkout our new website for show dates and samples of our older music.

- Tery Daly