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Encyclopedia of Lincoln Bands

I try not too get misty-eyed about "the good-old days".
I am not one for nostalgia, but that's the time I was
living and breathing and dreaming music, and it will
always be with me.

When I drive home from work, sometime i will see kids
milling about before a matinee show at Knickerbockers.
A parent unloading an amp from the station wagon,
a kid with his drum kit set up on the sidewalk before
anyone has come to open up the bar. I don't know the kids,
or the bands, but i know their passion and enthusiasm.

THAT is what it's all about.
- Bernie McGinn

Bands A-F
Bands G-N
Bands O-Z

This project is inspired by those who went before me. Thanks to:
  • Bill and Jim Jones of Capitol Punishment
  • Apathetic Injection Zine
  • Broadside Zine
  • Gel Zine
  • Free Magazine
  • Michael French and Lincolnzine

    It could not have been done without the invaluable input of:

  • Mike Semrad, VP of the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame
  • Bart Becker and his fabulous book "Till The Cows Come Home (Rock & Roll Nebraska)"
  • Thomas Irvin - who provided a wealth of information.
  • Mike Keeling
  • Sara Kovanda
  • Charles Lieurance
  • Bernie McGinn
  • Dan Schissel
  • Matt Silcock
  • Colby Starck
  • Dave Sullivan