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Star City Scene is a participatory site. In addition to our editorial staff; bands, fans, venues, and anyone else may submit show or album reviews, articles, interviews, or anything else to the site, or participate in message board activity and chats. This promotes more of a community feel, and "sense of ownership", than with strictly "read only" sites.

From online polling of our registered uses:

80% are in a band

On average, how often do you go out to local entertainment events?
20% go out once a week
60% go out twice a week
20% go out three times a week

# of CD's purchased per month:
1-2 20%
3-5 60%
6+ 20%

Age group:
20% Less than 18
40% 18-34
40% 35+

Your ad on SCS will reach the Lincoln market!

Radio Advertising:
We're now offering one minute ad spots in our radio stream.

The first option is our corporate sponsor package with means you sponsor the streaming radio station for the month. you get 4 one minute radio spots in the stream that run all month and that's an investment of only $100.

The second option is single one minute commercial spots for a month, available for only $40

Radio spots should be provided in either .mp3 or CD format. If advertiser can't provide their own recorded radio commercials, can provide them for a small additional fee.

To advertise on Star City Scene Radio, or request further info Contact SCS .

Site Advertising:
Unlike other websites, Star City Scene doesn't use rotating banners, so your ad won't intermittently be changed with other advertisers banners (possibly direct competitors) every few seconds. We also don't charge different rates per number of "impressions", we have very reasonable flat monthly fees for ad placement. When you purchase space on the site, your ad goes in the location of your choice, and stays there for the whole month (or however long you purchase the space for), without changing. Our ad rates, as outlined below, are based on page traffic.

Monthly Rate Info:

Page                                        Rate               Page                                             Rate
Front Page Top: $125            Front Page Box Bottom $100
Featured Artist Top: $110            Featured Artist Bottom: $100
Album or Show Reviews Top: $100            Album or Show Reviews Bottom: $75
Calendar Top: $90            Calendar Bottom: $80
Message Board Top: $80            Message Board Bottom: $70
Lincoln Bands or Links Top: $75            Lincoln Bands or Links Bottom: $65
All Other Pages Top: $50            All Other Pages Bottom: $40

Now Available !
Side tower ads on the feature band pages $75 for the month

Ad Location:
As seen above and below, Page Top ads will be placed in the section above the black Star City Scene logo section, and should be 480 x 60. Page Bottom ads will go immediately under the bottom of the text tables, or menu tables (on the home page). Theres a lot more flexibility on Bottom Page ad sizes since space is unlimited.

Advertiser can provide banner ad or Star City Scene can proivide them at a small additional fee for ad creation. All ads subject to approval by Star City Scene.

To place an ad, or request further info Contact SCS