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About SCS

Founded in March 2003 by local musician, Tery Daly, was an interactive online community that covered and promoted the original music scene in Lincoln and spotlighed local talent. SCS highlighed all aspects of the local scene by including; local music news, streaming radio of Lincoln bands, interviews with bands, reviews of live shows and local releases, calendar of live music events, upcoming releases, band and event photos, band information, venue information, and original comics. also includes message boards (Still active), musician classifieds and equipment for sale listings, allowing the bands and the fans to stay up to date with what was going on in Lincoln. SCS also hosted regular liv music events to spotlight local talent, such as Scenefest, and Powerless, and other events. was published monthly between March 2003 and March 2007 Copyright 2003-2007 All rights reserved. All wrongs revenged. Reproduction of any SCS content without written permission from the editor is strictly prohibited, and is sure to result in oozing pustules and bleeding gums.